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Craters & Freighters of Omaha has over two decades of experience shipping internationally. You can rely on our expertise that delivers for shipments traveling to Europe, Asia, or just about anywhere! We provide 20', 40', 40' high cube export shipping containers, with or without climate controlling and flat rack containers. Part of our service includes proper documentation, packaging, and crating standards, blocking and bracing to ensure international shipments arrive safe, damage free, and on time!

International Shipping

Unlike many exporters we regularly ship household belongings with cars. Note the wall at the front of the container to hold the boxed goods in place.

Pallet Shipping Internationally 

We have a lot of clients that have purchases from Omaha to ship back to their home country. We will pick up your personal belongings at your residence or new purchases from the retailer. All the belongings will be professionally packed, boxed or crated for shipping to your destination. All wood used meets or exceeds ISPM15 certification requirements.

Craters & Freighters of Omaha is an Export Shipping Company specializing in ocean freight and overseas moving. We are experienced and understand that sending your belongings or new purchases overseas can be confusing and very stressful, and we provide a high level of service for International Shipping. The information stream will make you comfortable due to our communications and documentation that we supply for you. Whether you are returning home and have a small move, complete household move, new furniture or just need a few boxes shipped on a pallet, our level of service is the same.

Craters & Freighters Omaha also takes the hassle out of Export Shipping and Packaging by providing ISPM-15 heat-treated wood crates. Many foreign countries require that all crates made out of wood being shipped from the U.S. be heat treated to reduce the risk of pest infestation. These crates require an approved stamp known as the "bug stamp" or ISPM-15 mark, certifying the crate meets international shipping standards.

Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters of Omaha by Requesting a Quote Today!

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