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Packaging Solutions for Safe Transport

Packing your goods safely is the first step to successfully managing your shipping activities. We have wooden crates and corrugated boxes that will make packing your goods convenient. If you have more specific packing needs, we offer custom solutions that will help you protect your goods during transit. We have custom shipping containers, MIL spec crates, skids and pallets, and product-specific engineered packaging.

Packaging Methods

Craters & Freighters Omaha offers free quotes for any corrugated container or custom packaging services. We handle all aspects of the shipping process including pick-up, packaging, crating, insuring and delivery!

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Heat Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap is highly effective at protecting against all the elements: wind, sun, rain and ice. For businesses, pallets will be protected and items securely contained together. Cargo is also protected from bumps and scratches. Many different businesses and individuals will find a shrink wrapping service useful.

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Professional Custom In-House Engineering

We can provide corrugated packaging, foam wrapping, foam bracing, floating bases and crating for domestic and international shipping. We do all our packaging engineering in house. We do not outsource any of our packaging to insure your shipment for safe transport.

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Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

We custom build all of our boxes from sheets of corrugated to assure a snug fit for your items as this will aid in your shipment arriving without damage. Once the boxes are constructed we do not just put your items in and fill with peanuts. We will use bubble packaging, glass mask, Styrofoam wrap or even anti static bubble packaging when prepping your shipment. Once the item is prepped we then place it in the box that has foam bead board surrounding all walls, top and base. Once the item is completely packaged we then place the boxes on a pallet base. This procedure allows the box or boxes to be moved with a forklift or pallet jack and stop the items from being pushed or dropped. Craters & Freighters can also wood frame your corrugated box for added protection during shipping.


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