Commercial Industrial Crating Omaha


Crating or skidding large and heavy equipment with irregular configurations requires a unique skill set. Craters & Freighters of Omaha has the engineers on staff and resources to crate and ship your industrial equipment of any shape or size or weight. We can design for prebuilt components that allow you the flexibility to load equipment or, we can build the shipping containers and load your equipment on-site. We have the experience you seek to safely crate your valuable equipment. Our engineering team can design and build to the requirements of any height, weight and size. In addition, we provide complete logistic support for domestic and international shipments.

Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind.  Our engineer department will utilize the latest AutoCad and the MIL-Spec library so that customers will always be able to find a custom shipping crate that will protect items of all sizes and levels of sensitivity.

We're 100% confident that our custom shipping crates will withstand all of the transportation challenges that might be encountered. You can trust Craters & Freighters of Omaha to ship your valuables and ensure that they'll arrive fully intact without any damage.

Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters of Omaha by Requesting a Quote today.

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