Heavy Equipment & Machinery Packaging, Crating & Shipping Omaha


Craters & Freighters of Omaha will provide the solution to your shipping needs so you can focus more on the rest of your job because you’ll know that your packages are in great hands. Packaging machinery and other big, bulky, and heavy items is what we do, and we do it well. Craters and Freighters provide full service packing and crating.  In addition, we’ll take care of all logistics utilizing our nationwide network of 67 locations and warehouses to ensure that your requirements are taken care of.

Craters & Freighter of Omaha has 33 years of experience packaging and crating heavy machinery including:

  • Industrial Commercial Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment and Supplies
  • Valuable Arts and Antiques
  • Technology equipment and Sensitive Electronics
  • Server racks for large computers
  • Medical equipment with its delicate instrumentation
  • Military and government goods, both big and delicate
  • Jet engines and aircraft wings
  • Flight Sims, Landing Gear
  • Shipping oil refinery parts to offshore rigs
  • And many other large, heavy, bulky items that have to be packaged perfectly, and handled just right.

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