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IT Electronics

Craters & Freighters of Eastern Nebraska has mastered the art of packing and shipping computers, servers, PBX systems and other IT equipment. These products must be packaged properly as they are generally delicate and sometimes provide secure information. Based on either an onsite inspection or information that our customer provides we can determine how to package the equipment for safe transport.

ESD & Anti-Static Packaging for Sensitive Electronics

Craters & Freighters of Omaha will pack your valuable electronics using electro-static discharge (ESD) or anti-static packaging.   Many electronic devices such as computer chips and circuit boards can become seriously damaged by electrical discharges caused by improper packaging.

You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your valuable electronic devices are protected with a barrier that'll prevent static discharges from harming the equipment. Specifically, our cushions, wraps, and barriers provide your equipment with needed protection against electricity and physical damage caused by handling.

The Difference Between ESD and Anti-Static Packaging

Here at Craters & Freighters, we're proud to offer both quality ESD and anti-static packaging to our customers in Nebraska and beyond. The main difference between ESD and anti-static packaging is that ESD packaging contains aluminum and is designed to block static discharges in the shipping container from reaching the electronic device being shipped. Anti-static packaging, on the other hand, prevents these discharges from forming and occurring in the first place.


We can provide our customers with custom crates that contain floater bases, ramps, reuseable crates and international crating if the equipment goes overseas. Craters & Freighters will also provide shipping options such as; air transport, air ride trailers, dedicated trucks and sealed trailers. You can also be given the transport options of standard, 2 day or even overnight services. Craters & Freighters also offer full value insurance so if your item is worth $100 or $1,000,000 dollars it would be insured from pick-up to delivery.

Craters & Freighters of Eastern Nebraska is very familiar with Business Continuity Planning and can be a part of your companies BCP program. By offering on-call or overnight services your company would have the peace of mind knowing that we will be there when needed.

Industries that utilize Craters & Freighters for shipping IT and electronic equipment:

  • Data Centers
  • Call Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Government Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Internet Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Small & Large Businesses

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