Hire Professionals, You’ll Save More Than Time In The Long Run

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I had to have a key duplicated for a 1967 Harley Davidson Golf cart some time ago, so on the way home I stopped at a local locksmith and had the key made. I paid a little more than if I had gone to a place that just has a machine for duplicating keys, such as Home Depot or a hardware store, and I thought about this the rest of the drive home.  Why was I thinking about it you ask, let me tell you. It was a comparison of how the key was made versus the upcharge by having it done by a professional locksmith and how it ended up I was better served by the locksmith versus going somewhere else.

I was able to pull up to the front door, walk in and be welcomed with a smile and served immediately, and I was on my way in under 10 minutes. If I had gone the least expensive route, I would have had to drive to the store, park out in a lot, walk into the store, find the key machine, then hopefully find someone to run the machine, and based on their experience, hope that the key was made correctly the first time.

So as you see, I could have saved $1.50 in cash, but spent a lot more time and effort getting my key made at a home center by someone whose main job may have been answering questions about window tinting.

Such is the circumstance in packaging and shipping, other then what will go through the Post Office. Should you spend the time running around and gathering supplies to produce a container that will hold whatever it is you want to ship, then struggle to get the box into a vehicle, if it’s a large object, which if measured incorrectly, might not even fit into your vehicle after all?

At this point you would also need to know what the size restrictions are for shipping with the Post Office or FedEx / UPS Stores. Nothing is more flustering than having a nice box with your item in it only to find out the size has bumped the price to something much higher to ship than you’d expected.

What type of items do people think they might take a shot at packaging themselves you ask? Let’s take a look:  grandfather clocks, auto parts, art work, furniture, antiques, electronics, household items and china.  You’ll see people who will pack and ship Grandma’s antique lead crystal vase as though it was a paperback book going across the street.

When it comes to trying to ship items that are large, odd sized, and need extra protection, use a professional service company like Craters & Freighters.  We are experienced in those types items, can package to prevent damage, keep the cost low by knowing the correct NMFC code and class and if any ancillary charges will need to be added such as requiring a lift-gate, residential charges or additional costs for delivering to storage, hospitals, universities and military bases for example.  Plus, we can insure your items for full value from pick-up to delivery. 

Don’t waste time, effort and money when it comes to packaging and shipping.  Call us directly or use our convenient online form and request a direct quote.


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