Avoiding Fraudulent Pick-ups


I spent 4 hours in my truck last week driving to get the particular’s on what a client needed for International packaging, I had some time to call on potential business on the way. My second stop was a company that used logistics in their name. This is what made me stop to call on them, to see if a partnership might be available if any of their clients had need  of crating any of their products. As I went into my spiel about who I was and what Craters & Freighters could provide in the way of packaging & crating I was greeted with a smile and told that the company was a pallet maker and that they were not really a logistics company in the true sense of the word,  they provided logistics to get their pallets to their clients and that was all. After I had left and was driving further on the trip, I passed an oversized load on a flatbed. I pulled up next to the pilot car in front of the truck (the pilot car leads the oversized transport and is capable of alerting the transport and other vehicles of what is coming down the road.) I noted they also had the word logistics in the title of the company.

Now the word logistics has a wide range of meaning, and for someone who is not familiar with a company and is looking to move something via the road, the internet might seem like an ideal spot to find a company. However, as the article I am sharing states, the internet is also becoming more and more a place where people will advertise in an attempt to separate you from your money and /or goods. The following article has good suggestions to follow in finding a reputable company to transport your goods.

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