How to prevent shipping disasters

How often does this occur? More times than you would think and lots of times it happens on the way back to the freight depot. You may say the truck driver is at fault and sometimes that is the case, but how many times have you seen a car pull over in front of a semi, causing to truck to slam on the breaks or veer to avoid a collision?

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You Can Trust Craters & Freighters With Your Most Priceless Treasures

Craters & Freighters is the company that can handle any antique or artwork for safe transport. Craters & Freighters of Eastern Nebraska has been located in Omaha for 5 years and we have provided quality services to many antique dealers, art museums, local artists and those customers looking to move heirloom items in the US and abroad.

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The Care And Safe Handling Of Your Antiques And Artwork

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the feel of wind and sun on their face and/or their body while riding in a convertible on a warm summer day. There are both benefits and detriments to enjoying the elements, but what makes the absolute joy of feeling the sun, shaking your hair in the wind turn into something quite the opposite? Most doctors would say it would be lack of proper protection while you were out in the elements and the length of time spent as well.

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At Craters & Freighters, we take security very seriously

A prospective customer asked us, “Are there any additional security requirements when shipping overseas?” We’ll answer this today with a resounding “YES” and back it up with information directly from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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Hire Professionals, You’ll Save More Than Time In The Long Run

I had to have a key duplicated for a 1967 Harley Davidson Golf cart some time ago, so on the way home I stopped at a local locksmith and had the key made. I paid a little more than if I had gone to a place that just has a machine for duplicating keys, such as Home Depot or a hardware store, and I thought about this the rest of the drive home.

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Crating & Packaging Services Provided By Craters & Freighters

This week we’ll be using our Blog to introduce the Services Craters & Freighters of Omaha and Eastern Nebraska provide and sharing this throughout our Social Media Network.

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